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Uploading Libraries

SWATHAtlas is a public resource of high quality spectral ion libraries reported from different species and organisms. All these libraries are freely available to download to the scientific community to aid in their DIA/SWATH analysis.

Guidelines to upload libraries

SWATHAtlas repository accepts spectral ion libraries from the community irrespective of their affiliation. These libraries must be suitable to the scope of repository, corresponds to the peer-reviewed publication and with no conflict of interest. To ensure upload of high-quality, and accurate spectral libraries of supported formats, they must qualify the DIALib-QC (DQC) assessment. To provide confidence in DIA analysis to the user, DQC assessment report lists a total of 64 characteristics of the library and gets published along at SWATHAtlas website. Please learn how to assess your library in DQC from this tutorial. The library is refined until there is no mass error, conflict assays or non-standard parameters are observed and reported. DQC is capable of allowing users to repair and correct their spectral ion library in most of the cases. Spectral libraries must be compliant with the file format requirements and stored in open formats such as csv, tsv etc. DQC tutorial shows examples of libraries formats. Users should provide information on the MS instrument used to collect the raw data, software/tool used to build the library, modifications included in the database searching, accession numbers or DOI URL for deposited datasets using the "Request Library Upload Form" below. Any queries related to upload libraries at SWATHAtlas and for technical support, please contact us on DIALib-QC Google discussion group.

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